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Our Story

Our mission as a company is to be an educational platform for health and nutrition, and to provide people with the tools they need to accomplish their fitness goals. By making a product for people on a budget, we aspire to make eating healthy and natural whole foods easier.   

Best friends Claudia Bialek and Julie Traill launched Smoothie Sidekick after the decision to prep their smoothie boosting ingredients in order to reach their fitness and health goals - Claudia’s was a necessity due to her recent IBS diagnosis, whereas Julie’s stemmed from her challenges with weight loss and tracking her food intake. They quickly realized the drastic improvement in their ability to reach fitness goals as well as how they felt when they drank their “boosted” smoothies. 

“We wanted to incorporate nutritious whole foods into our diet, the easiest way to do that was by drinking smoothies. We would load them with seeds, nuts, fruits and vegetables and it was convenient, simple and still delicious!  The challenge was to stick to it, especially when our schedules started to get busier. We began meal prepping our smoothie booster ingredients and never skipped a smoothie - that’s when we realized that we needed to make these available for everyone” 

Claudia & Julie

Consistency is key. Convenience will promote consistency. Smoothie Sidekicks were made to help individuals eat wholesome foods without it being a challenging, tedious chore. We all have enough to do in our day, we all need a sidekick, let it be a Smoothie Sidekick.