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Why is it Beneficial to Track Macros?

Eating healthy is one of the harder parts of a fitness journey, especially with busy schedules, social lives and lack of time. How do we ensure we are getting all of our essential nutrients while still enjoying food? Track your macros. 

Now don't get me wrong, tracking macros is another "to-do" in your day, which is a challenge. However, if you do it long enough you can learn a lot of the basics that will be beneficial long term. 

Here are four great reasons why tracking macros will help you: 

1. No Restrictions - by planning and understanding what your body needs in a day you can fit in all sorts of foods - no need to cut out food groups because they are high in calories, fat or "bad for you". 

2. Less Social Pressure - It's always tough when you're on a restrictive diet and are out with friends - you can't enjoy the same foods they're enjoying or have a drink because it doesn't "fit" in your meal plan. You either have a hard time enjoying the night or cave because it's hard not to. By tracking your macros you can preplan your nights out so you are able to eat what you want while staying on track - this is done by eating high protein low calorie meals during the day. 

3. Better Relationship with Food - Being restrictive only lasts so long. We ignore cravings until we lose control and have a binge eating weekend. If you allow yourself to enjoy what you love while being conscious about your calories and macros, your "diet" becomes a lifestyle and becomes effective long term. 

4. Control The Variables - depending on what your specific goals are, you can adjust your macros to reach your targets - wanting to build muscle? Increase protein. Trying to enhance your athletic performance for a race? Eat more carbs. 


If you've never tracked marcos before there are steps you can take to make it easier. One of the ways to do that is to buy pre packaged foods that can be easily scanned into tracking apps. Smoothie Sidekicks are a pre packaged smoothie booster that not only helps you reach your nutritional daily intake, but is a single serving that makes it easy to track. 

The benefits are endless when tracking macros. You'll learn to understand your body and what works best for you. Everyone is unique and trial and error is part of the fitness journey.